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Recorded in October 2012 and February 2013 at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, North Carolina

Dustin - Guitar
Jeremy - Drums
Jordan - Vocals
Nick - Bass


released March 15, 2013

Kris Hilbert - engineering, motivation, pizza



all rights reserved


BRAINxTOILET Greensboro, North Carolina

Grindcore from North Carolina

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Track Name: Intro / Natural Selection
I want to die, I want to do it alone. I've destroyed everything that I once loved. Forget my name. Let memories of me be erased. Whether I'm here or I'm gone, I'll feel the same. Let memories of me be erased. You won't remember my face.
Track Name: Imminent Death
Empty void all consuming. My old friend the bottle. Clock ticks away another day. Senses numbed - still it festers. A wound that never heals, endless suffering. I am rotting here. Let me drift away, I'll be damned if I will be here for one more day. Losing family, friends are gone too. Limping like a dog that needs to be put down soon.
Track Name: Grimm Trend
Inspired by stories you read on the web, you ditch your skinny jeans and get gauntlets instead. Entombed records out, Mayhem bootlegs are in. Bandwagon jumping to the grimmest of trends. Churches burning 'neath cold Norwegian skies. Sweet dreams under warm sheets your dad tucked in tight. Run through the woods like a clown in the night. Squirrel bone necklace a hunting knife what a sight. You're not Count Kamul, in fact you're name's Devon. We went to high school together and you work at 7-11. Summon the dark lord from your mom's basement. Shitty bands pushing pentagrams make me fucking sick. You've bastardized what you think you hold so dear.
Track Name: Relentless Malice
Kicking your door in and swinging this brick as hard as I can. I can't get what you said out of my fucking head. I've been wrong before, but I'm so sure I'm doing this world a favor. I don't care how, I just want you dead now. A noose around the neck. A handful of pills. Play in traffic. I don't care how, I just want you dead.
Track Name: Infinite Regret
Still you’re asking for favors after all of this time. Well where were you when I needed a hand? Who needs enemies when I have friends like you? Your phone is off your doors are locked, ignorance your shining virtue. Why’s it so hard for you to tell the truth? Talking shit behind my back is all you seem to know how to do. Stabbed in the back – you spat in my face. Treated like garbage, then up and gone without a trace. Appearing from the woodwork, acting like you’ve done no wrong. The lines you’ve crossed, my trust you’ve lost. Indignant bastard attitude. Cold – indifferent – numb - emotionless. A life had to be lost before you gave one single fuck. Compare our experiences, all you’ll get is blank stares. Don’t give a shit what you’ve been though because you were never fucking there. There’s a special spot in Hell for you
Track Name: Very Poor Life Decisions
Guilty conscience feeding this loss with the grossest of negligence. Dysfunctional - despicable behavior. I know that I'm a miserable failure. Everything I touch falls to shit. Even if I could stop I'm not so sure I would, I'm having too much goddamn fun not being good. Here's to days getting longer, and to life getting harder. HERE'S TO GIVING UP.
Track Name: Filth Eater
To the motel room, off of the cold streets. Skin pressed tight between the soiled sheets. Hot rank breath and the slapping of clammy meat. This drunk fuck the worst mistake you'll ever make. What you can't see will be the death of you. Open sores on careless lovers. Subject of prophylactic blunder. Swapping spit and coughing fits. Punishment for all your sins. Wake up and stumble to the bathroom, there's a message for you in red lipstick on the mirror. "Pray that death comes".