BRAINxTOILET - Budd Dwyer Split


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To be released as a split cassette w/ New Jersey filth grinders, Budd Dwyer ( in Summer 2014

Download includes all tracks from both bands.


released 01 May 2014

Guitar - Dustin
Drums - Jeremy
Bass - Nick
Vocals - Jordan

Recorded/mixed November '13 and February '14 w/ Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC (



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Track Name: Nasty Police
I’ve got a bone to pick with any fucker
Trying to tell me how to live my life
When theirs ain’t so grand
Take a look in the mirror and try to understand
You and me, we are not the fucking same
I could not care less about you
And your shitty life
You should fucking stay
The fuck out of mine
You and me? We are not the fucking same.
Track Name: Ratbastard
The verdict is in we want your head
Lying conniving ratbastard
Seems that you are up shit creek without a paddle
Vermin. Fucker.
Rue the fucking day we met you worthless little shit
I’ve waited so long for this moment
I’ll be the snake devouring the rat
The verdict’s in we want your fucking head
Track Name: Thulsa Grind
Over and over words that you say
Over and over prove you don’t know shit
I’m sick and tired of sticking up for you
Open your mouth and the shit just pours out
Nonchalant ignorant banter
Burning bridges that can’t be rebuilt
Ruining friendships flapping those lips
I’ve been doing some thinking
And I think your time is up
You can get fucked
Get. Fucked.
You keep burning bridges
And you know they can’t be rebuilt
Ruining friendships flapping those lips
Track Name: Judd Danzig
I’m trying hard but having no fun
Seems there’s nothing new under the sun
I’d rather stay home get drunk and go to bed
Than go out to a show and see some shitty fucking bands
Uninspired mindless drivel
Weak ass riffs nothing memorable
It’s all been done before
Everything is such a fucking bore
Rehash . Disgorge
Beat that dead horse